Car electric drive throttle controller for car modify tune grooming maintain refit beauty service center Auto gas pedalbooster in Car Electronic Throttle Controller from Automobiles Motorcycles

Car electric drive throttle controller for car modify tune grooming maintain refit beauty service center Auto gas pedalbooster in Car Electronic Throttle Controller from Automobiles Motorcycles
Car electric drive throttle controller for car modify tune grooming maintain refit beauty service center Auto gas pedalbooster in Car Electronic Throttle Controller from Automobiles Motorcycles
Car electric drive throttle controller for car modify tune grooming maintain refit beauty service center Auto gas pedalbooster in Car Electronic Throttle Controller from Automobiles Motorcycles
Car electric drive throttle controller for car modify tune grooming maintain refit beauty service center Auto gas pedalbooster in Car Electronic Throttle Controller from Automobiles Motorcycles
Car electric drive throttle controller for car modify tune grooming maintain refit beauty service center Auto gas pedalbooster in Car Electronic Throttle Controller from Automobiles Motorcycles
Car electric drive throttle controller for car modify tune grooming maintain refit beauty service center Auto gas pedalbooster in Car Electronic Throttle Controller from Automobiles Motorcycles

Product Specification

Brand Name: CRL

Model Number: all

Material: abs

Fitted car: for all electronic cars

Mode: 9 mode

Screen: LED digital display

House Color: Golden side frame with black main screen

Special function: Speed up

Place of origin: China factory(High quality low price free shipping)


Note: Please note your car model and manufacturered year when placing the order! We will send matching Strong Booster model to you.Tks!

2019 Car electronic throttle controller for modify tune grooming maintain refit beauty service center Auto gas pedal booster

Considering the different countries have different pedal models .If you could take the photo of your car pedal such as following pic, pls leave me a message of your car pedal pic.I could ensure the model  accurately.Tks

pedal pic

I. Product Main Features

1, Shorten the response speed of the electronic throttle

2, Improve the electronic throttle's sensitivity

3, Plug and play without external power supply

4, 9modes/0-10 degrees adjustable

5. It can get inio the original car mode while revsersing for optional

6. Super bright  digital display screen, blue / red for optional,the display has black,silver and golden color to choose.pls leave me a message abou whats color do you want.Tks


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Installation steps

1  Find the original electronic throttle pedal of your car

2  When automobile is stalled and start key is off, unplug the car throttle pedal port

3  Insert our throttle controller port into throttle pedal port, and check to see whether it gets stuck in position

4 Connect the display screen with throttle controller host, then fix display screen with self-attached glue to the position under meterboard.finished




Thank you for purchasing our product. In order to make the product performance better, please read the following instruction  carefully.

Part 1:Function And Specification
1.The product can improve the car handling ability by control the sensitivity of car throttle controller switch,and make it better adapt to different driving habit and road conditions.
2.there are 9 Modes as below:
P1-Mode AUTO
P2-Mode AUTO
P3-Mode AUTO
P1-Mode Manual 
P2-Mode Manual
P3-Mode Manual
NOR-Normal Mode
EC-Fuel-efficient Mode AUTO
EC-Fuel-efficient Mode Manual
3. There are 9 levels ( 1-9) for the acceleration, the acceleration sense from weak to strong is very obvious, and no effect the throttle control capability.
Please note: The factory default setting mode is P2.6
Part 2:Installation Instruction                 
1.Connect the Throttle Controller with the accelerator Pedal interface
2.Stick the Throttle Controller on central console
3.Connect the plug with the Throttle Controller,bind the wire if necessary.
                                   Installation Diagram 
Pull away the interface of the accelerator pedal.Please refer to picture 1
Connect the throttle controller cable plug with accelerator pedal interface .Please refer to picture 2
Tear the protection paper on the back of Throttle Controller, and stick it on the central console
Part 3: Safety Cautions
a.Before the installation, user need to check the Electronic Throttle Controller plug and accelerator pedal interface, they should be connect properly.
b.After finish installation, please start engine under the Neutral Gear or P Gear,and check the accelerator pedal is work.
c.If install the wrong direction, it will cause the accelerator pedal invalid and the warning light of engine will be on. If in this situation, please don't worry, this products has the internal protection circuit, which will prevent harms to the vehicle parts. Please turn off the engine and disassemble this product.After 2 minutes, install this product in the correct way,then it can work.
Part 4:Operation
a.This product can be operated by the three keys ,from left to right, the buttons are Mode, -, +
b.This product can be adjust with power at any time,but when adjusting the product, please pay attention to safety.
c.Press the mode button, it will show: P1- Mode,P2- Mode, 
P3- Mode,NOR-Normal Mode,EC-Fuel-efficient Mode
d.the two button can adjust the level of the mode from weak to strong, there are 9 levels (1-9),Please note: except the Nor-Original Mode,all of above modes have 9 levels adjustment function.
Detail for 9 mode:
P1  Mode:
Increase the throttle response speed ,start become fast response and accelerate be smooth,1-9 level to adjust from weak to strong,(P1.9) refer to comfortable mode and 9 level
P2  Mode:
Improve the instantaneous acceleration and turning abilities, to achieve the best speed rate,1-9 level to adjust from weak to strong,(P2.9) refer to Sport Mode and 9 level
P3 Mode:
Achieve the Superior acceleration performance and make it feels like in the Racing-Field. 1-9 level to adjust from weak to strong,(P3.9) refer to Sport Mode and 9 level
NOR Normal Mode:
Back to the Normal control mode.
EC Fuel-efficient Mode:
Achieve the best Fuel-efficient mode, about 3-8% fuel saving.
Automatic Mode:
Long press"+" for 3 seconds,screen will show 888,it means enter into automatic mode
Manual Mode:
Long press "-" for 3 seconds,screen will show 999,it means enter into manual mode

IV. Working principle 

1. Electronic Throttle and Fly-by-wire Throttle
Along with rapid development of auto industry, auto manufacturers in America, 

Germany, Japan and other countries successively adopted electronic throttle control 

system early in 1990s. Electronic throttle control system mainly consists of throttle 

pedal, pedal displacement sensor, ECU (electronic control unit), data bus wire, servo 

motor and choker executing mechanism. Electronic throttle is generally adopted in 

fairly new models. Electronic throttle is named in comparison with fly-by-wire throttle 

which features direct connection between throttle pedal and choker with thin steel 

wire. The treading depth of throttle pedal directly corresponds to the opening width 

of choker. Electronic throttle is free of wire. Treading depth of throttle will be converted 

into resistance value after a potentiometer (with variable resistance) is mounted in 

pedal. Electronic system of automobile indirectly determines the depth of pedal through 

sampling of resistance value. Finally, ECU will activate stepping motor to control the 

opening width of choker. It can be easily found through principle comparison that fly-

by-wire throttle features simple system and direct control, with the proportion of the 

opening width of throttle and choker being 1:1. Characteristics of electronic throttle 

are as follows: throttle pedal only indicates driver’s operating intention, while the 

final right to control choker belongs to ECU.


2. Characteristics of Electronic Throttle Control System and ECU(ECU)
In models with electronic throttle control system, ECU will analyze the treading depth 

of throttle in combination with auto conditions when controlling electronic choker, and 

then calculate appropriate opening width of choker at the current time. When diver 

speeds up suddenly at the time of startup (tread the pedal to the utmost), ECU will 

perform analysis according to the current auto speed, opening width of choker and 

other factors, appropriately restrict the opening width of choker from the perspective 

of fuel saving and reasonable exhaust emission, and control fuel spray system to 

restrict maximum spray of fuel injection nozzle at the same time. In this way, driver 

will feel that automobile begins to start after throttle is treaded for a while, which is 

the so-called throttle lagging. Therefore, throttle lagging is actually the result of ECU 

operation through restricting instant output of engine, which can make automobile 

more environmental-friendly and energy-saving.


3. Operating Principle of STRONG BOOSTER
(1) Accelerating choker opening and improving static response
“Acceleration” of STRONG BOOSTER is realized mainly through improving the responding 

sensitivity of choker. When ECU finds that driver has the intention for acceleration, it 

will activate rapid opening of choker via circuit signals to improve the responding 

sensitivity of throttle. 
(2) Speeding up throttle signals and improving dynamic response
When accelerator treads on throttle pedal, STRONG BOOSTER will calculate the alteration 

rate of throttle signals according to treading depth and time. Alteration rate is in 

proportion to accelerating requirements. STRONG BOOSTER will enhance such alteration 

rate and finally realize maximum dynamic response of auto acceleration.
(3) Providing false driving style for ECU’s adjustment of engine parameters
ECU of modern engine generally has the capacity of self-adapting driving style. If 

driver often treads on throttle quickly to a considerable depth (also known as pulling 

speed), ECU will gradually consider that the driver’s style tends to be “violent”. In this 

way, engine will slowly adjust choker and fuel spray system, etc. to obtain optimal 

adjusting parameters of engine under this style. After STRONG BOOSTER is used for a 

long time, even if the driver drives the car with previous “mile” driving style, engine 

will still acquire experience of “violent” driving, which is equivalent to the adjustment 

of ECU parameters. At the long last, engine will automatically amend its parameters 

to adapt to such driving style.

Shipping Fee

1. If the seller has set Buyer Pays Return Shipping, you should pay for the return shipping fee directly by yourself.
2. If the seller has set Seller Pays Return Shipping, you can communicate with seller in advance about the payment method and return logistics method.
3. About the shipping fee of sending the goods, if it’s “free shipping”, then seller pays the fee and buyer can get full refund while sending back the original goods; if buyer pays the shipping fee, then buyer can only get refund of the product price.



We do our best to serve our each customer the best that we can.
We will refund you for items returned within 7 days of you receiving them, for any reason. A full refund will be given if items are returned in their original condition.
Merchandise which is damaged or missing components is not refundable.
Buyers are responsible for return shipping with proper packaging.
On receiving items, we will refund you immediately.

Warranty &Maintenance:

We provide 1 month replacement and 12 months maintenance warranties. Items can be replaced during the first month or maintained for the first year.
Buyers are only responsible for the return shipping fees for warranty items.(In most cases, buyer will only have to return the problem components rather than the entire package.). 

Before returning items, please make sure you get our (the sellers) return address, and write gift on the delivery detail sheet. Please use regular postal service and send us the tracking number. As soon as we receive the items, we will repair or exchange them ASAP. 


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